Interior Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling Contractor Services

Marshall’s Construction Services enjoys working with families in Duluth, MN, and Superior, WI, who need home remodeling services. Using the wrong home remodeler can be nightmarish, but a home remodel job with our contractors is a delight.

You may like your home, and you don’t want to leave it, but you find it no longer meets your family’s needs. The interior remodeling services Marshall’s offers can make your living space more comfortable, spacious, and practical. We’re the home renovation contractor that consistently offers professionalism and affordable rates.

Give The Rooms in Your Home a Complete Makeover!

There are limitless ways that home remodeling services can transform your house. Maybe you only need minute changes. Perhaps you’re interested in home renovations that will make your living space unrecognizable compared to what it is right now.

Either way, Duluth and Superior families have found that their dreams are possible with Marshall’s Construction Services by their side. We are the home remodel contractor that consistently gets rave reviews from our customers in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Types of Interior Remodeling Services Available

There are several home remodeling services that we can discuss with you, including:

  • Kitchen Remodeling– The kitchen is where most people spend a lot of their time. No whole house remodeling would be complete without updating and modernizing your food preparation and cooking space.
  • Bathroom Remodeling– Bathroom remodeling is another popular option. An old, outdated bathroom can be a real eyesore, but an updated one with modern features is sublime.
  • Basement Remodeling– A finished basement gives you another place to play video games, watch TV with the family, work out on your exercise bike, and more.
  • Basement Framing- Basement framing involves turning a drab, dingy basement into a functional and beautiful living space.
  • Laundry Room Remodeling– Expanding or reworking your laundry room isn’t usually very costly, but this upgrade will add to your home’s value tremendously.
  • Additional Bathrooms– Adding another bathroom means no more family squabbles.
  • Cabinet Installation– A lack of cabinets is a common complaint, but Marshall’s can add some in your pantry, kitchen, or elsewhere.
  • Window and Door Trim Installation– Adding casing to your windows and doors can add functionality and decorative appeal.
  • Baseboard Trim and Molding Installation– Molding installation or baseboard trim can lend some flair to an otherwise run-of-the-mill living space.
  • Interior Painting– A flashy interior paint job can thrill your family and visitors alike.


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