Flooring Installation Services

Floor Installation Contractor Services in Duluth, MN, and Superior, WI

Hardwood floor installation is something in which many homeowners in Superior, WI, and Duluth, MN, take an interest. That makes sense since homes with hardwood floors are desirable and tend to bring in top dollar whenever they hit the market.

Marshall’s Construction Services should be your choice if you live in Duluth or Superior and you’re hunting for flooring contractors. We can also handle carpet installation if you feel like that’s the better option for your abode.

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics with a New Floor Installation

We are the preferred entity if you want not only hardwood floor installation but also stone flooring installation or vinyl flooring installation. Tile installation and ceramic tile installation are possibilities as well.

Marshall’s only hires hardwood floor installation specialists who have many years of industry experience. We can talk to you about all the different flooring possibilities that exist. We’ll help you figure out which one works for you in terms of texture, color, price, and whatever other factors enter into the equation.

Types of Flooring Available

Marshall’s Construction Service has the following options that can completely transform your home’s appearance.

  • Hardwood Floors– Wood floors resist stains better than just about any other kind of flooring you’re like to encounter. They can also be repaired or refinished when necessary.
  • Vinyl Flooring- Vinyl floors remain an enduring and popular option because they’re cheaper than many other options. They are also both water-resistant and low maintenance. Your vinyl floors can easily last you 10-20 years in most instances.
  • Carpeting– Carpets can insulate your floors, but some people also like them for the psychological sensation of warmth that they provide. They also work as a sound absorber, and they feel nice under your feet.
  • Ceramic Tile Floors- Most homeowners agree that ceramic tile feels more comfortable to walk on than porcelain. They also stay cooler, which is nice during the hotter months.
  • Natural Stone Flooring (Tile & Pebble)- The aesthetic appeal is probably the main selling point for either tile or pebble natural stone floors. They’re easy to care for, and they perform marvelously in high-traffic areas.
  • Concrete Flooring– Concrete floors rank among the easiest kinds to clean. They are durable and resist water well with the proper sealing.

If you’re unsure which choice will suit you best, reach out to Marshall Construction Services without delay.