Exterior Home Repairs

Exterior Home Repairs

The Northland’s harsh winters are brutal on wooden decks, especially if they haven’t been properly maintained consistently. There are several other issues that could be affecting your deck, including old age that will not only make it look less appealing, but could also pose a safety risk. Let’s take a look a few of the more common issues below:

Loose Railings

If your deck has steps and the hand railings are loose, it could prove to be a major safety issue for people trying to climb up or down your deck, especially for older folks and children.

Deteriorated Wood

At some point, the wood on a wooden deck will likely rot, develop mold or moss, become loose or crack. Rotting boards can be a major safety issue, especially with the footings. Fortunately, deck repairs are far more affordable than replacement, so if your deck or patio is experiencing issues, simply contact us.