Patios, Gazebos & Pergolas

Duluth & Superior Patio, Gazebo & Pergola Builders

You shouldn’t rely on just any patio builders in Superior, WI, or Duluth, MN, if you feel like this is your home’s next logical addition. Backyard patio installation and patio construction services happen to be specialties of Marshall’s Construction Services, one of the more well-known and respected companies throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We’re unsurpassed as patio builders, but we’re also here for you if you need a gazebo builder or a pergola builder. Pergolas and gazebos can be the finishing touch that turns your backyard space into an idyllic paradise.

Patio Construction

Marshall’s Construction Services has patio contractors on staff that are no less than experts in this area. These patio builders know precisely how valuable these additions can be, both in terms of resale value and for the current homeowner.

A patio can be where you lounge during the warm spring days or on balmy summer evenings. A patio is also a significant investment, though, so it pays to hire an entity like ours that only employs top-tier professionals. They’ll come up with a patio installation plan that stays within your budget, and they’ll install it expediently as well.

Gazebo Construction

Most people don’t consider a gazebo to be necessary, but it adds a certain flair to any property that’s undeniable. This is often the sort of finishing touch that captivates a potential homebuyer.

Let Marshall’s Construction Services act as your gazebo contractor. We are fully licensed as backyard gazebo contractors, and we have installed many in the Duluth and Superior areas.

Pergola Construction

We can be your go-to pergola contractor as well. Backyard pergola installation requires a certain delicate touch that all of our contractors have. A pergola can give your backyard an exotic look that should make you the envy of your neighbors and friends.


Improve Your Backyard by Building a Patio, Gazebo, or Pergola

A pergola, patio, or gazebo can make your backyard look more finished. A backyard with none of these details won’t do much to attract a potential homebuyer when you’re ready to sell.

In the meantime, though, you’re sure to enjoy these additions to what is probably already a lovely backyard. Adding any of these options is like putting a cherry on a sundae. Let Marshall’s Construction Services show you some design options for the patio, gazebo, or pergola you’ve been wanting.