A first impression leaves a lasting impression, making it essential homeowners have a front door they are proud of, since that is the first thing visitors will see before entering your home.

Of course, your front door has other important purposes beyond its aesthetic value, as a properly working door will improve your home’s energy efficiency and help you stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Marshall Handyman Services offers door installation and repair services in Duluth, Minnesota. We are renowned for superior work and customer service, and you can rest assured knowing no detail will be overlooked when we perform work on your home.

All of the doors we install are built to last, so you will not need to worry about the weather cracking or bending your door. Moreover, we’ll put measures in place to prevent your door frame from rotting, and we’ll make certain it’s a tight fit to ensure cold air does not have an easy entry point in the winter and warm air has a difficult time entering in the summer.

Whether you need a new front door, back door, patio door or any other type of door, we provide you with exactly what your home needs. We also perform door repairs if your frame is rotting or your door is experiencing a different issue.

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