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No home remodeling or repair project is too big or too small for the professional team at Marshall Handyman Services.

Bathroom Repairs in Duluth, MN
Bathroom Repairs in Duluth, MN

Locally owned and operated, Marshall Handyman Services covers locations in Duluth, Minnesota, and the surrounding region. Specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, their expert contracting team balances high quality workmanship with affordable prices. From drywall to painting and floors to doors, their experts will take your project from concept to completion with worry-free work.

The Marshall Handyman Services team also works with trim or molding repairs and other carpentry projects. Whether you’re looking to freshen the look of your existing room or need to repair old and worn-out work, trust their professionals to get the job done.

Marshall Handyman Services also performs exterior repairs and services, including work on decks, garages and patios. They also perform maintenance and upkeep on windows, stairs and gutters, keeping them safe, functional and in excellent working condition. Their full-service experts can also assist with springtime cleanup and haul away, or assist with making renovations to add a new room or spruce up your home to make it more accessible for senior living.

Give Marshall Handyman Services a call today at 218-390-0129 or email them at davidmarshall1@live.com and let them get started on your next housing project.